Navigate through any maze with Little Star Coder!

Our young Coders will understand that a code is a set of instructions that tells a computer what to do. They will also learn to appreciate the importance of being precise and careful in order to complete the task. By helping Colby Mouse get his cheese, our Little Star Coders will gain an understanding of step coding and develop logical thinking, spatial thinking, critical thinking skills and teamwork. At the end of the programme, our Little Star Coders will attempt to solve the problem of building a train track and steer it in the right direction.

Learning Outcomes 

• Learn to take and give instructions and get better at spatial concepts (directions)
• Develop critical thinking by analysing a problem by using questions and think logically on the ‘if-then’ scenario
• Learn to calculate distance using non-standard measurement
• Build social skills and collaborative relationship with peers

STEAM Concepts : Technology, Art, Math
Smarts: Picture Smart, Logic Smart, Body Smart, Word Smart

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