PT. Matahari Graha Fantasi is a joint venture company between LAI Asia Pte. Ltd (Leisure and Allied Industries) Singapore and PT. Nadya Prima Indonesia easily recognizable by its Timezone brand. We are the pioneer in the Family Entertainment Center industry. Our first center opened in 1995 in Legian, Bali. Over two decades later you can find a Timezone center in 23 provinces throughout Indonesia.

Timezone’s game centers recognise the importance of play in children’s lives and actively encourage fun while providing an educational experience.The Timezone slogan, Time for Fun, is reflected in the company’s commitment to providing quality entertainment centers featuring exclusive games, educational opportunities and superior customer service.

Rapidly changing lifestyles in urban Indonesian have placed increasing pressure on families as working parents find that they have limited time to spend with their children. Games centers have become increasingly popular as they provide convenience, creative family fun and an educational experience for children. Timezone is a family entertainment center company featuring the latest and most exclusive games designed to provide fun while helping to encourage learning in youngsters. The Timezone market encompasses families, teenagers and young adults who are concerned about quality of life and seek a unique entertainment experience. Timezone’s primary target market is mothers aged 20-45 with a social economic status of ABC and children between three and ten years of age. The secondary target market focuses on teenagers aged between 11 and 17 and young adults aged 18 to 20 with a social economic status of ABC+. Timezone has achieved significant growth in the Indonesian entertainment industry and top-of-mind brand awareness in the family entertainment sector currently stands at over 75 percent. As a pioneer in the industry, Timezone is committed to providing innovative, exclusive and educational games for the whole family. Timezone game centers have become popular places for teenagers to socialise but have the added value of providing them with an educational experience and increasing their knowledge.

Timezone has achieved Top Brand recognition for ‘Kids’ and ‘Teens’ throughout Indonesia and is regarded as the country’s most successful family entertainment center company. Timezone continues to achieve significant growth and is further strengthening its market position.

Timezone is an entertainment center offering quality educational Multiple Intelligence activities, exclusive games and superior customer service. Timezone’s unique environment allows children of all ages and at all stages of development to have fun and learn at the same time. The Timezone experience enriches life and educates.