How is Play ‘N’ Learn different from other indoor kids venues?

We bring the Science into Play. We are a premium Active Edu-Fun Destination that supports child development with a multifaceted experience to get kids well-prepared to shine in whatever they do in the future.

What qualifications does your team of experts have?

The Play ‘N’ Learn experience that supports child development is thoughtfully designed by experts in their field, with Occupational Therapy concepts, Singapore Education experts and renowned University professors.

Why is Active Play important in my kid’s learning journey? 

Activating the body activates the mind. Active Play helps young kids build strong bodies and key motor skills, which helps them focus their minds for a well-rounded development. Our play equipment is designed with the consultation of an Occupational Therapist from Singapore to ensure what kids are playing with is good for their long-term development.

What is STEAM and how does it benefit my kid?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics. It is an educational approach to learning that enables kids to explore and learn about the world around them. The STEAM framework brings the five disciplines together to create an inclusive learning environment that encourages all kids to participate and contribute. This holistic approach encourages kids to exercise both the left and right sides of their brains simultaneously and promotes organic problem solving of real and complex world problems.

Introducing your kid at an early age to STEAM concepts helps them discover new interests, talents and future career paths to prepare them for the future with skills that are crucial in 21st century challenges.

What is MIDAS and how does it benefit my kid?

MIDAS, which stands for Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales, is an aptitude assessment tool created by Dr Branton Shearer, Ph.D. Professor of Education at Harvard University. It suggests that the traditional notion of intelligence, based on I.Q. testing, is far too limited. Instead, Dr Gardner proposes eight different  Smarts. The 8 different Smarts are: Body, Logic, Music, Nature, People, Picture, Self and Word Smart. Each smart that a child scores highly in represents an area of intelligence, or learning style, that they naturally gravitate towards.

We build personalised ‘smarts profiles’ for each kid utilising the MIDAS tool. Our MIDAS-certified consultants will provide advice and guidance on how to decipher your kid’s profile and what you can do to maximise their learning benefits. Based on their profiles, your kids can be matched with the Star Programmes that would optimise and embrace their learning styles.

What are Play ‘N’ Learn Star Programmes?

Our Star programmes follow a STEAM-based curriculum, custom-designed by Singapore Education experts, integrating Multiple Intelligences concepts. Kids attending our Star programmes will learn life-skills that sharpen their minds to prepare them for future challenges.  Star programmes are Fun and Active to ensure kids get the most benefits.

How does the Play ‘N’ Learn Star programme benefit my kid?

Integrated with each kid’s MIDAS Smarts profile that identifies each kid’s unique learning style, our Star programmes embrace and celebrate each kid’s smarts to create the best benefits for their learning and development journey.

My child dislikes Science and Mathematics/ too young to understand Technology and Engineering, how will the Star Programmes benefit him?

Star programmes are designed by Singapore educations experts who are experienced in educating very young kids. The programmes encourage creative thinking and problem-solving and these help build the foundation for learning, a strong base for school readiness and stimulates their interest and confidence in life-skills and navigating the world around them.