We are a premium Active Edu-Fun Destination that supports child development with a multifaceted experience to get them a head start in life.

The Play ‘N’ Learn experience that supports child development is thoughtfully designed by experts in their field, with Occupational Therapy concepts, Singapore Education experts and renowned University professors.

As part of the multifaceted development journey, we ensure our kids get the time they need to be active, to keep strong and healthy. Our play equipment is designed with the help of an Occupational Therapist to target key motor skills and our Star Programmes incorporate active components into every session – to educate the mind and the body.

The DNA of our company is Fun and we make sure all our kids have a Fun time whenever they visit us. In fact, they have so much Fun they don’t even know that they are strengthening their bodies and sharpening their minds!

We want to treat kids like Individuals, not just someone’s kid. We want kids to enjoy every visit with us, and to ask their parents to let them come back. We want to make every kid feel like a STAR (So Special!) in every point and every time they visit. 

We want parents to have Peace of Mind, to feel like their kid have spent BENEFICIAL time at our venue today and because our venue implements strict health protocols during this pandemic situation. Whether it is time in the Playground – where the Active Play helped them strengthen their bodies for good development, or in a STAR Programmes – where they learnt new skills that will sharpen their minds to prepare them to be Future Stars. Our team’s commitment is to make sure that, after every visit, guests leave with a Memorable Moments they can talk about.