At Play ‘N’ Learn, our commitment is to nurture future Stars!
We are a premium Active Edu Fun destination that supports child development with a multifaceted experience to get them well-prepared to shine in whatever they do in the future.


Active play helps young kids build strong bodies that support development and keeps them healthy. Our play equipment is designed with the help of an occupational therapist to ensure what kids are playing with, is good for them.


We recognize each kid’s learning style is different and it makes them unique. This is why we build personalised ‘smarts profiles’ for each kid utilising the MIDAS tool, an aptitude assessment, which indicates an area of intelligence or learning style that the child naturally gravitates towards. We celebrate each kid’s ‘smarts’, and kids are welcomed to explore in a safe and welcoming environment, designed to encourage learning and healthy physical development through play.

Learn more about your child’s ‘smarts’ by taking our MIDAS assessment.


The DNA of our company is FUN and we make sure all our kids have a fun time whenever they visit us. Our team of Fun Buddies are committed to making sure each kid has a special and memorable experience.