Drop in your details so our team can connect with you to plan a hassle-free unforgettable birthday!

Birthdays are all about celebrating the uniqueness and individuality of each child. Our team of party hosts will design an unforgettable birthday bash for your little one. Here's why choosing us for your kids' birthday party is the perfect choice:

  1. A celebration for a STAR
    Every child deserves to feel extra special on their birthday. Our dedicated party team ensures that your little feels like the absolute STAR of their celebration. 

  1. Specially trained party hosts
    Our party hosts are specially trained by Master Trainers from Australia to be skilled at creating engaging and lively events that are filled with laughter and joy from start to finish.

  1. Play ‘N’ Learn activities
    True to our values, carefully curated activities ensure that the kids have loads of fun while learning as well.

  2. Hassle-free, fun for all
    We take care of every detail, from setup to cleanup, so you can relax and enjoy the celebration. Plus, our party venue provides a safe and secure environment for everyone's peace of mind.


Celebrating at PLAY 'N' LEARN Oberoi Mall Mumbai, Nexus Shantiniketan Bangalore, Phoenix Marketcity Bangalore, VR Chennai, Marina Mall Chennai, GVK One Hyderabad

 Celebrating at PLAY 'N' LEARN Inorbit Mall Vadodara, Xperia Mall Dombivali

Celebrating at PLAY 'N' LEARN Phoenix Marketcity Kurla, Express Avenue Chennai

Birthday Party FAQs

Yes, a booking fee is required at the time of booking to confirm the party time.

Yes, there is a minimum requirement of 10 kids for a party booking.

We offer standard e-invites that you can customize.

Our birthday package includes dedicated playtime in our play areas. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our guests, there is a height restriction of 1.45m for children who wish to engage in the play activities. However, there are not age or height restrictions for attending the party itself. Guests of all ages are welcome to join in the celebration.

Yes, you may choose to bring your own birthday cake, However, we do not allow outside food to be kept in our storage facility due to food safety reasons.

If our venue has an on-site café, the birthday package would include food provided by our café. In this case, guests are kindly requested to enjoy the delectable offerings exclusively provided by our café. To maintain the high standards of our venue, we do not permit outside food to be brought in.

However, if our venue does not have a café, guests have the flexibility to cater their own food and are advised to bring their own utensils for a better dining experience during the party.

Additional decorations to personalize the party room is only available for guests hosting a private party. However, we kindly request that decorations are not fixed to the walls using sticky tape to ensure the integrity of our venue. We recommend using manageable decorations that can be easily taken down and carried away at the end of the celebration.

Yes, we kindly request that you arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the party. This allows us to ensure a smooth and timely setup of the party room and activities. Please note that we are unable to delay the start time of the party, even if all guests have not yet arrived. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to the designated party start time.

Yes, for safety reasons, we require at least one adult from the party to stay with the kids at all times during the party. This ensures the well-being and supervision of the children throughout the celebration.

To ensure a successful and enjoyable party experience, we have a minimum requirement of 10 kids for each booking. Even if fewer than 10 guests attend the party, the payment for the minimum number of kids will still be applicable. This allows us to maintain the quality of service and resources dedicated to each party.

The duration of our parties depends on the type of booking. Private parties have a duration of 3 hours, with 2 hours exclusive usage of our play area and the last hour in the party room. Providing ample time for an extended celebration. Ultimate parties, on the other hand, are scheduled for 2.5 hours, ensuring a delightful party experience within a slightly shorter timeframe. We aim to create memorable moments and maximize the enjoyment for you and your guests during the designated party duration.