Play‘N’Learn is committed to providing our guests with a safe, fun, and memorable experience. By entering a Play’N’Learn venue I agree to strictly comply with, and ensure that each child in my care strictly complies with, these conditions of entry.

1. The operating hours of each Play’N’Learn venue are subject to change at any time, without notice, at the discretion of Play ‘N’ Learn management. Venues may be closed periodically for parties and events.

2. Weekend rates apply on Friday - Sunday and on any public holidays.

3. Play’N’Learn uses third party payment processors and, each parent or guardian by providing his or her credit card details, consents to such payment processors collecting and processing their credit card information.

4. Each parent or guardian that checks in a child at a Play’N’Learn venue consents to the collection of their personal information, and any personal information relating to their child(ren), by Play’N’Learn and agrees to be contacted by Play’N’Learn in connection with their child(ren)’s attendance at a Play’N’Learn venue and for marketing and promotional purposes in accordance with the terms set out in Play’N’Learn’s privacy policy on its website.

5. Before entering a Play’N’Learn venue, each parent or guardian that checks in a child will be required to show a valid booking confirmation and will be given an assigned card and/or wristband depending on the nature of the transaction.

6. Each parent or guardian that enters a Play ‘N’ Learn venue grants Play’N’Learn the right to film, video, record and/or photograph them and the child(ren) in their care without payment or consideration and consents, both in their personal capacity and on behalf of the child(ren) in their care, to the use of such films, videos, recordings and photographs for the promotion of Play’N’Learn’s venues through any medium including, but not limited to, the Play’N’Learn website and its social media pages.

7. Food and/or beverages which have not been purchased from a Play’N’Learn venue are not permitted inside the venue, excluding baby food, baby milk, and bottled water.

8. Pets are not permitted within Play’N’Learn venues. Bicycles and skateboards must not be used, and skate-shoes or skates of any kind must not be worn, within any Play’N’Learn venue. Socks must be worn at all times.

9. Play ‘N’ Learn is a smoke-free environment and individuals entering a Play’N’Learn venue are prohibited from smoking. Illegal drugs/substances, firearms, knives, or weapons of any kind are not permitted.

10. Individuals entering a Play’N’Learn venue must not wear clothing with rude, vulgar, or offensive language or graphics.

11. No rough playing of any kind is permitted within Play’N’Learn venues. Running, pushing, bullying or any other inappropriate conduct (as determined by the Play ‘N’ Learn staff) with other individuals are strictly prohibited.

12. Queue jumping is prohibited, as is saving a place in the queue, exiting the queue and then returning to the saved place.

13. Daily lockers are available within this venue, free of charge, for individuals to store their non-valuable personal belongings.

14. Children Six (6) years and older may be left alone inside Play’N’Learn venues. However, a parent or guardian must be present at the time of drop-off to check in these children. Children under 6 years of age must always be accompanied by a responsible adult. Children aged six (6) years or older who enter the venue without a parent or guardian must be checked-out by the parent or guardian who checked them in.

15. All individuals must comply with any rules and/or requirements of the Play‘N’Learn staff and of any signage displayed at each attraction or activity within each Play’N’Learn venue. Participation in any attraction offered at a Play’N’Learn venue is at the sole risk of that individual. Due to the inherent risks in the participation of some of the attractions available at Play’N’Learn venues, the parent or legal guardian of each guest is expected to supervise, exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner whilst their child(ren) are participating in an attraction or activity within a Play’N’Learn venue and be responsible for the safety of the child(ren) under their supervision.

16. For health and sanitary reasons, any individuals with cold, flu or fever symptoms, or are contagious or infectious will not be permitted to enter this venue.

17. Play‘N’Learn reserves the full right to exclude any individuals from its venues who do not comply with these conditions of entry, and may, at its discretion, refuse entry to an individual or request an individual to leave a venue without a refund, in which case the individual must then leave.