What days and hours is Timezone Play ‘N’ Learn open?
Please check out our locations page for more information.

What is the cost of admission?
Buy in advance so your kids can get Active any day for unlimited fun...

What ages are allowed at Timezone Play ‘N’ Learn?
The staff at Timezone Play ‘N’ Learn is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests. Our facility is designed for children from 0-12 years old.

How do I reserve my birthday party?
Contact the nearest Timezone Play 'N' Learn in your city and we will help you create fun and unforgettable parties.

Is there a cost for adults to come and watch their children play?
Only children are required to pay for admission. You are always welcome to watch your children free of charge. Wristband and socks are required for all visitors entering into the playground.

Am I able to drop off my children to play and pick them up at the end of the time slot?
No, all children must be under the supervision of a responsible adult over the age of 16 at all times.

Is there a check-in system?
Yes, we have a system in place to match children with parents upon entry and exit.

How will I know that the facility is clean and safe for my children?
The staff maintains exceptional sanitary standards by utilizing commercial steam cleaners and environmentally safe chemicals to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses. We will also utilize a commercial ball cleaning machine to routinely clean and sanitize the ball pit areas. Standard operating procedures will also be in place with the necessary supplies ready in the event of any issue that requires our immediate attention.

What are the Safety Rules?
Socks are required at all times.
No rough playing is permitted.
Only 1 person per slide at a time. Slide feet first. No walking up slides.
No food or drink in the play areas.
All participants must be under the supervision of a responsible adult minimum 16 years old.